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Przezroczysta folia wyświetlacza LED

Breakpoint continuation
High gray scale display (true 16bit)
High transmittance more than 90%
Super slim and light Applies to any surface
Intelligent Control
Personalized Customization
Easy Installation
LED Transparent Display Glass Flim Flexible Screen is very popular used for shopping malls, restaurants, windows, walls and etc. It could be used for any surface, with our self-developed Mini LED for quality assurance.  In the large ara of the glass laminated light board, made out of the size can be customized. 
LED Transparent Display Film

Przezroczysty znak okienny LED

LED Transparent Window Sign is very popular used for window shops, restaurant etc. It can be wireless controlled through mobile, WIGI and other ways to play video and other dynamic advertising LED display, also can significant attract clients and clear expression of promotional content.

Key Features:
Beautiful edge less design and light weight
Energy saving more than 50% compare to the non-transparent led products
Longer durability and usability by self-heat dissipation
Suspended/Seated/Mobile installation for easy transportation
Remote cluster control
LED Transparent Window Sign

Zewnętrzny wyświetlacz obwodowy LED

LED Outdoor Perimeter Display with UEFA compliance design 
Rubber protection to highly reduce player injury risk.
Fast interlocks save time to assemble display 
Support both front & rear maintenance
Power + receiving card dual backup make the display never blackout 
The modular cabinet design keeps the screen working in stable condition even in extreme hot/cold weather or under the rain.
Independent small power provides power to the receiving card. Even if a screen should shut down the video signal is still transmitted to the next cabinet.
Quadruple protection to highly reduce player injury risks A supporting feet can be used to adjust the screen to stand steadily in uneven ground. If it's not necessary, the feet can be packed up while the screen is positioned vertically.
It fully complies all the requirements of the Union of European Football Associations.
LED Outdoor Perimeter Display

Wyświetlacz LED do wypożyczenia na zewnątrz

Support the latest HDR standard ,pixel strength from p2.6 to p4.81 
Module front and rear maintenance, power box with plug easy for front and back remove . 
Excellent arch creation ,both for inner and outer arch ,also 45 degree to make cube it’s adapt 
Different pixel pitch can assemble on the same product ,to help customers save cost and easier for technical maintenance and training 
LED Outdoor Rental Display

Zewnętrzny wyświetlacz LED ze stałą instalacją

Front and Rear dual service options for outdoor fixed installation
90-degree angle & Flat led screen with the same module
IP67 module with lightweight only 28kg/panel 
Noise-free, elegant hosing design
High reliability, wide application and brightness up to 10,000 nits 
Easy maintenance 
LED Outdoor Fixed Installation Display

Wewnętrzny wyświetlacz LED HD

Ultra-high resolution for high definition and refined LED indoor HD display
16:9 Ratio with 600 x 337.5mm Die-casting aluminum cabinet with Pitch pixel from 0.93 ~ 1.87
600 x 480mm Die-casting aluminum cabinet as ECO series with super-attractive price with pitch pixel from 1.25 ~ 2.5
Able to access, process, control and display multiple signals and complex signals
Allow 7*24 hours of uninterrupted operation, with high stability and reliability
Low noise, low heat rejection
Suitable for long-time viewing
LED Indoor HD Display

Zewnętrzny wyświetlacz podłogowy LED

Extremely durable up to 2 tons/m2  
Wide viewing angle  
Easy handling and leveling  
Scratch resistant  
Resistant and rugged  
Maintenance from top 
Interactive By IR sensors   
LED Outdoor Floor Display

Wewnętrzny ruchomy przezroczysty wyświetlacz LED

1.Beautiful edge less design and light weight 
2.Energy saving more than 50% compare to the non-transparent led products 
3.Longer durability and usability by self-heat dissipation 
4.Suspended/Seated/Mobile installation for easy transportation 
5.Remote cluster control 
6.The latest technology for P1.9 with 3000nits brightness 
LED Indoor Movable Transparent Display


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